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Shortly after I maidened my Precision Aerobatics Addiction X an apparent radio failure claimed my electric YAK with a full-throttle, full right aileron and full rudder plunge into the. See more results. Beautifully floaty, yet responsive and highly maneuverable. Avion Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL (V2) rouge ARF env. TYPE: Unlimited 3D. If I break something, are there available spares that I could buy? Is precision aerobatics addition XIs any good? Extra MX Spare Parts 41 items.

Addiction Spare Parts 38 items. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with. This is very similar to the power package I have in my Precision Aerobatics Addiction X so I expected big things when I gassed the markedly smaller Ultimate AMR. I’m not a 3d pro by any means but this plane takes almost all the fear out of flying a 3d balsa plane. The next 2 will be the full set up and settings, then initial setup flights to dial in the Addiction XL to fly perfectly. was securely bonded to the underlying. First-class construction pays off in first-class aerobatic performance.

Took about 5 hours to build. Airplanes 12 items. Precision Aerobatics Addiction Series. Precision Aerobatics - Chapel Hill, NCRated 4. PLANE: Addiction X.

The Addiction has been successfully tested with the Spektrum DSM2 system. Precision Aerobatics is an invaluable reference for those seeking to quickly advance their flying skills and serves as an excellent guide for instructor-coaches. Building the Addiction X! MANUFACTURER: Precision Aerobatics. Constructed using PA’s CF FiberFusion Technology, the airplane utilizes embedded carbon fiber (CF) within each of the fuselage stringers and uses CF cross bracing to increase strength without any kind of a weight penalty. What is precision aerobatics addition? 1 of unbox, setup and Flight series.

Precision Aerobatics Addiction 3D ARF Available in 3 colors: Red, Purple and Green. else the plane was a really really easy set up a really easy set up and again a lot of trouble was taken for this manual. FOR: Intermediate through advanced. Precision Aerobatics Extra, Edge and Addiction: RobscoRC. The list of available spares is indicated in the instruction manual. PA V4 Lipo Batteries 10 items. Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz. Despite having a relatively narrow fuselage, the Addiction slows down well.

Now PA has a new plane available to help take our flying to the next level. in Wing loading: 7. Amazing work to all at Precision Aerobatics Team. 5” (1003mm) Addiction, already establishing itself as one of the top 3D park flyers money can buy. I found that dragging the Addiction X nose high with a little power worked best for me.

Precision Aerobatics > Products. Hans Kahlert walks you through some helpful build tips for the Addiction XL including VG installation and wing setup. You really have to get used to how slowly the Precision Aerobatics Addiction Xwill float along without falling out of the sky. ft (approx) Weight: 750g / 26. How to land the precision aerobatics addiction XI? I have been Flying Precision Aerobatics planes for nearly 8 years now and they are Amazing Highly constructed Planes. This is how we keep our sanity in California. The manual included with the Precision Aerobatics Addiction Xis good enough that between it and the quality of the assembled components if your plane doesn’t fly, it’s all on you.

Extra 260 Spare Parts 43 items. The Addiction translucent covering reveals our unique FiberFusion® construction which contributes greatly to the strength of the airframe without sacrificing on weight. Motors and Speed Controllers 29 items. This plane flies so slowly with full control that you can literally plop it down just about anywhere. Landing the Precision Aerobatics Addiction Xis as simple as it gets. Wen flying Marks precision aerobatics addiction X, awesome 3D balsa plane The combination of its extreme lightweight (low wing loading) and state-of-the-art. Official Precision Aerobatics channel, newest flight videos, tech tips, event coverage and other cool stuff. I have had and or have the Bandit, Addiction, Addiction X, Extra MX, Extra 260, Electric Shock Workmanship is excellent and service and support is beyond outstanding.

PA’s lineage into hard-core 3D aerobatics with its smaller prede - cessor, the 39. iPAs Combos (without airframe) 8 items. The Precision Aerobatics Addiction X2. 94 oz/in to make sure the large control surfaces react quickly to your commands.

Wingspan: 1000 mm Length: 1063 mm Wing area: 485 sq. This is part one. Precision Aerobatics is not responsible for typographical errors. Ultimate AMR 60 Spare Parts, Addiction X Spare Parts, Addiction Spare Parts, Wires and Connectors, Extra MX Spare Parts, Extra 260 Spare Parts, Katana 52 Spare Parts, Ultimate AMR Spare Parts, Katana MX Spare Parts, XR-61 Spare Parts, XR-52 Spare Parts, Addiction XL Spare Parts, Katana Mini Spare Parts $.

This Pro package also includes 4 Nexatec NXT 80 DSM Micro servos each with a stall torque of 4. Page 576-New Product Precision Aerobatics ADDICTION-www. The CF wing tube was inserted along with both wing halves and the ailerons were taped to remain in the neutral position and then untwist-ed as described in the manual.

It is our intent to allow you to enjoy your model for as long as possible. The Addiction X is aimed at the 3D enthusiasts out there looking for a. · Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR Biplane Very fast, very slow and great handling everywhere between.

The Basics The Precision Aerobatics Addiction X is a built up ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) that uses unique combination of laser and CNC-cut balsa, ply and carbon fiber to produce an airframe that is both remarkably light and surprisingly rigid. html T he full review has lots of photos and more details such as pricing. The Precision Aerobatics Addiction Xis an ultra-light, super precise plane with capabilities to keep you looking for the edge of its flight envelope for a very long time. ️ DroneMother ️.

5 oz Recommended power plant: PA Thrust 20 motor with PA Quantum 30A programmable brushless ESC Recommended battery: 3S1P, 1800mah-2200mAh, 20C Lipo. Addiction X Spare Parts, Extra MX Spare Parts, Katana 52 Spare Parts, Katana MX Spare Parts, XR-61 Spare Parts, XR-52 Spare Parts, Addiction XL Spare Parts $ 7. Like any other Precision Aerobatics model, the Addiction is built using finest precision aerobatics addiction manual grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and precision aerobatics addiction manual CNC machines. Play with the throttle a little and you can come down the runway very slowly, maybe a foot off the ground and have everyone waiting for it to fall out of the sky. Precision Aerobatics Addiction Red NEW in the box: 3D*Flyer: Aircraft - Electric - Airplanes (FS/W) 6: 09:05 PM: Wanted: Wing Set for Precision Aerobatics Addiction: rstoomanyhobbies: Aircraft - Electric - Airplanes (FS/W) 0: 03:18 PM: Discussion: Lets do 3D! Posted –. StaySafe StayFlying Love from California!

From time-to-time I have needed the manuals when not at hand, and had to look up. 9 based on 26 Reviews "Just received my red Extra-MX. The people at Precision Aerobatics clearly know how to save weight through effective laser cutting. Super nice aircraft - the fit and finish is. · ADDICTION X - Precision Aerobatics - 3D Flight - 1270mm - MFG Mistelgau / MSG Stiftland - Olli - Duration: 4:17. Maidened my Addiction X today and she flies beautifully.

· Precision Aerobatics is offering its new Bandit with power and superior performance that far exceeds any full-scale airplane. precision aerobatics addiction manual We love this bird. • Illustrated instruction manual Access to the battery, onboard RC equipment and wing attachment is under the Addiction’s canopy.

She can move So slow and gracefully through the air and landing is a joy. better precision. A little sanding was. Page 406-New Product Precision Aerobatics Addiction X Official thread / Video just posted! RC PLANE VIDEOS 8,642 views. Great job Precision Aerobatics. Precision Aerobatics flight training manual Accelerated intermediate aerobatic flight training.

Michael Wargo Addiction XL V2 Unbox. · The Precision Aerobatics Addiction Xis an ultra-light, super precise plane with capabilities to keep you looking for the edge of its flight envelope for a very long time. DISTRIBUTOR: Precision Aerobatics. Two of the four HS-82mg servos were malfunctioning out of the box :( Hitec servos have been crap lately. A slot was then cut at the rear of the fuselage and the horizontal stab was then inserted and eyeballed against the top of the wings.

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